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Draco Film

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Founded in 2015, Draco Film is a Saigon-based production house for films, media productions, commercials and digital assets. Not just an ordinary production house, we create, consult, and bring client’s stories to life. We make stories behind the scene and help your business growing.

We have experiences in wide-range of work in various industries & project scales with local and global clients. As understanding the market and your brand – your products or services, your consumers, your problems, we bring true values to you and also your consumers.

With faith in team & personal developement, we create the environment to foster creativity, joy and space to growt. Anybody’s success equals team’s success.

Draco Production creates high end TV Commercials (TVCs), Online videos, Music videos, Stop Motion and any motion pictures. Draco delivers the highest quality as possible to meet your demand and your audiences.

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