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Dreamtime Productions

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Dreamtime Productions was founded in 2016 by young members with a special love for cinema. We are multi-functional in the media manufacturing industry, specializing in providing package services from pre-production, production, post-production for vibrant media and entertainment products. With the desire to promote the training of professional human resources for the next generation of filmmakers, Dreamtime Productions hopes to write with you with miracles, bringing a new spirit to film activities.

Why is a movie considered good or bad? How to understand the film language in movies? We will answer those questions through Dreamtime Productions courses. The courses are designed to suit all audiences, film lovers, professionals who want to consolidate their knowledge, and especially those young people who are passionate and engaged. Courses will help students build the foundations for advanced education; The combination of theory and practice brings practical results. In these courses, Dreamtime also wants to train, as well as seek cooperation with talented young people, contributing to the team of new generation filmmakers.

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