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HAKUHODO SAC & HAKUHODO VIETNAM have been supporting their clients with their marketing activities in Vietnam by providing in-depth knowledge of the relationship between sei-katsu-sha and brands. HAKUHODO SAC started its operation in 2001, and HAKUHODO VIETNAM in 2012. With this knowledge grown from the deeper insight into sei-katsu-sha, we are uniquely able to build bridges between advertisers, sei-katsu-sha and society. Sei-katsu-sha expresses the holistic person — an individual with a lifestyle, aspirations and dreams. All the branding work we do in partnership with our clients follows sei-katsu-sha insight.

Vision: Inventing the future with sei-katsu-sha For over 30 years HAKUHODO and later HAKUHODO DY Media Partners have honed our sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy. Now, we are refining it further for our new mission: Inventing futures that will excite sei-katsu-sha together with our partners.

ASK as the first sei-katsu-sha.
DRAW: Draw as-yet the unseen life scenes
BUILD: Build the future.

Where global network meets local insights We’re part of HAKUHODO Inc., the 2nd largest advertising agency in Japan founded in 1895. As a group of HAKUHODO and HAKUHODO Asia Pacific, we provide the best mix of HAKUHODO’s global network and local insights. Through our network of over 80 offices in 17 countries and regions, and with more than 2,400 employees (including locally hired staff) working outside Japan, we provide the best solutions to all our clients.

HAKUHODO Branches in Vietnam are integrated advertising and communication agencies covering everything from strategic planning to advertisement production and media planning.

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