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IMP – Inbound Marketing Partner

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IMP was founded by an experienced team with many combined years of working for top organizations in Services, Education and Training organizations worldwide and in Vietnam. After periods of leading, managing and executing marketing and sales activities, we understand and feel the challenges and needs to implement effective and measurable marketing programs with limited resources.

Our mission is to develop and implement strategies and systems that can help businesses in Services, Education, Training and other industries increase revenue, build brand awareness and grow effectively and sustainably

We provide the most effective and measurable marketing solutions to increase revenue, build brand awareness and grow sustainably for organizations in Services, Education and Training industries
Inbound Marketing
Marketing programs which are designed to attract, nurture and convert leads to prospects, customers and loyal customers

Content Marketing
Relevant and engaging articles, ebook, whitepaper, images, videos and much more to approach and provide added values for your prospects and clients

Marketing Automation
Integrated system with Website, CRM and Email softwares to automate and increase the effectiveness of your capturing, filtering, approaching and managing your client lists

Closed-loop Marketing
Systems and processes which can provide detail reports and insights of your every marketing and sales activity, from your first interaction to the time your customer makes a purchase

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