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SAILLYWOOD PRODUCTION started 2010 after Taelin, the founder and Executive Producer, finished his big feature film: “EM HIEN NHU MA-SO.

Through out the difficult time, while other production house rose and fail, we had learned to walk firmly on the rough road. It’s the attitude that gave us a chance to survive.

2012 Saillywood moved into the biggest studio with over 1000 meter square. With an extensive crew that includes wardrobe designers, set designers, props makers, casting agents and the great facility, Saillywood takes on the great performance for client will 100% support from its own team.

Our performance don’t just be on the ground, we go on the rough sea, rocky mountain and even 10,000 feet above the ground. We dare to take risks in every aspect just to produce great result. After many years in the market and hundred of TV commercials later our reputation rises.

Saillywood, has become the most trusted production house in town the past few years. Our impressive attitude and royal belief have made us who we are. We never give up and never stop changing.

We are a place you can lay your trust on because we don’t fool you. We deliver what we promise.

​Beside shooting in Vietnam, we partner with many production teams around the world such as Thailand, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Italia, if you need to produce your product in any of the countries above, we can help you. Please can tact us for this.


To keep the title “number one” in client service, it is a MUST to have the parallel production and post production together. First to keep the cost under control. Second to manage the quick turn around to meet up with client’s demanding. Last is not least, bring out the highest quality product.

Does this mean all of the work come in to Saillywood must post in house? No, not quite. We leave the final call to client and agency to request where they the work should be posted.

Moreover, we have partnership deal with the highest quality post in South East Asia: The Post Bangkok. The deal will guarantee the quality control and the cost effects.


Saillywood understands the need of agency and clients for an immediately product on sight whether physically or virtually, we don’t leave out the option that we need a decent CGI team in house.

Saillywood’s young group of 3D artist named RedBox Motion. As long as Saillywood exists RedBox Motion is there. Though many people know them as Saillywood CG house, instead.

RedBox Motion or Saillywood 3D department is very well-known in town. The studio provides the best CGI work for the advertising community.

So next time if you have a chance to stop by RedBox Studio, please stop by the say HI to them.

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