In this one-off special, Discovery joins forces with acclaimed engineer and inventor, Dr Jordan Nguyen, as he reveals how East Africa is undergoing a digital revolution, and how Tanzania is about to see its high-speed internet access transform overnight.

In 2018, the number of people accessing the internet pushed past 4 billion. People, businesses, and devices have moved into a permanent state of hyper-connectivity. The way we go online to trade, work, travel, even socialise, has given rise to the digital economy – a digital economy that’s worth over 3 trillion US dollars.

Southeast Asia is now the world’s third largest region for internet users — with more people online than the entire population of the US. And in Vietnam, more than half the country’s population is online – allowing the former war-torn country to flourish in the new, digital economy. In turn, Vietnam has become an economic role model to many developing nations around the world.

In East Africa, getting online is still largely out of reach to most people, and this plays a major role in stagnating regional economic development.

However, the tide is turning.

In Tanzania, a team of highly skilled engineers have traveled over 6000 miles from Vietnam, to take the lead in building a state of the art, fibre-optic telecommunications network. When complete, it could help revolutionise the economy of one of the poorest countries on earth.

Futurist Australian-Vietnamese Dr Jordan Nguyen pulls back the curtain on how Vietnam is redefining the digital landscape across one of the poorest regions of the world, one internet user at a time. This is Vietnam: Connecting East Africa.

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